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Custom Metal Fabrication

Crane Hill Machine is a custom metal fabrication expert. Our products are designed to fit your specific requirements. The list of products that we have designed and built is endless, some items include:
  • Catwalk built around machinery to allow safe maintenance in your facility
  • Shipping containers to efficiently and safely ship your product to your customer
  • Carts and racks to move or store your product within your plant
  • Pneumatic tilt tables for assembly line applications
  • Lifting devices to ensure your employees do not try to lift too much weight
  • Conveyor carts allowing ease of movement for your product
  • Ranch Hand hay bale mover
  • Custom built trailers
  • Port-A-Barge water vessel
  • Metal Skids & Pallets
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Handrails
  • Safety Fence
  • Storage Systems
Designed, Built and Delivered to Your Specifications

Custom Metal Fabrication Examples  · Manufacturing Capabilities  · Shipping & Delivery Capabilities  · Finishing Information

Custom Metal Fabrication Examples
Catwalk made with expanded metal designed to allow a safe way to access assembly line
Conveyor racking used for assembly line applications
Custom desgined electrical box used for custom built machine
Parts transfer cart used in a forktruck free environment -Go Green!
Steel structure for local bank remodel
Assembly fixture used to assemble forktruck components
Portable sectional barge still under construction, the finished product will be 6' x 8' x 40' weighing 26,000 lbs
Custom material flow rack with heavy duty swivel & rigid casters
Powder coated aluminum handrail - handicap accessible
Bracket used on military vehicle for electrical radar components
Alodine coated aluminum gun case cover used for military firing range components
Maintenance platform custom designed for easy access to machinery - Osha Approved
Newspaper rack used for slat wall merchandising by national recognized grocery chain
Hay bale mover designed to easily transport large round bales of hay complete with trailer hitch
Custom built stock trailer used for smaller animals (goats, sheep, etc.)
Motorcycle trailer used to safely transport any size bike, eliminates road debris from damaging your bike

Manufacturing Capabilities
• On-Site Design Engineering
• Auto-CAD Capabilities
• Complete Welding & Machining
• Prototype Department
• Repair & Remanufacturing
• State-of-the Art Electrostatic Paint System
• Repackaging Services

Shipping & Delivery Capabilities
We have a fleet of trucks with a wide range of capabilities. We can ship in truckload quantities on a flat bed semi trailer, a 53’ dry box van trailer, all the way down to parts that fit in a Toyota Tacoma and anything in between. Our in-house dedicated fleet can ensure that your shipping needs are handled in a timely fashion.

Finishing Information
We offer a variety of finishing solutions, including:
  • Wet Paint
  • Electrostatic Paint
  • Powder Coat
  • Galvanized
  • Anodized
  • Alodined
  • Passivated
  • Sand Blasted
  • Soda Blasted

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·  Catwalks

·  Metal Conveyor

·  Storage Box

·  Transfer Cart

·  Steel Structure For Canopy

·  Assembly Fixture

·  Sectional Barge

·  Conveyor Rack

·  Custom Handrail

·  Bracket for Military

·  Gun Case Cover

·  Maintenance Platform

·  Newspaper Holder

·  Ranchhand

·  Mini-Stock

·  Motorcycle Trailer

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